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Littleton, Colorado

Just a few miles south of downtown Denver, Historic Downtown Littleton has a charm all its own, from turn-of-the-century buildings and antique shops to cozy, relaxed eateries, restaurants and bars. Browse Main Street’s independently owned shops and galleries featuring local artists. Source


Things To Do In Littleton:

Come Spend A Day In Littleton!

For those interested in the regional history and culture, a visit to the Littleton Historical Museum may prove interesting. The city of Littleton also offers a range of recreational facilities, including a race track and a golf course. Source

Education in Littleton

About Littleton Educational System

Looking for information about the best colleges and universities in Littleton? Here’s your guide to the top schools located within 30 miles of Littleton, Colorado. There are about 33 colleges in the area, including 23 private colleges and universities, 6 public colleges and universities, and 4 community colleges offering 2-year degrees. Source

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History of Littleton:

Littleton is rich in history!

Prehistoric men once inhabited this area. Their settlements date back to about 7,000 B.C. A prehistoric site of early hunters was discovered at Lamb Springs, two miles southwest of Littleton, by Charles Lamb in 1960.  Source

Littleton’s Neighborhood

Check out Littleton’s Neighborhood

Littleton is an expansive suburb of the Denver metro area that is broken into five distinct areas, each with unique characteristics and home styles. There is a lot to do, see and love in this vibrant city. Source

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